Shopping for new shoes online can be daunting. Finding cool new brands and unique styles is a challenge, and sizing is always a huge risk. While companies do plenty of things to help reduce anxiety and inspire confidence while purchasing, there is always a little voice saying “I really hope these fit!”.

FTSY approached us to help them improve the shoe shopping experience so that everyone can feel confident and find the perfect pair without the stress.

FTSY mobile app details screen

User experience testing

Our first priority was to gain a deep understanding of how potential FTSY users went about shopping for shoes online. We wanted to learn what worries them, what they like or dislike, and what makes a good shopping experience. We also needed to know how well the existing FTSY app performed.

To do this, we did 5 individual user testing sessions. During the interviews, we dug deep and figured out what each person’s vision of a great shopping experience looked liked and got each person to try the FTSY app. The thoughts and insights they shared were invaluable.

We used the findings from these sessions as the foundation for our redesign.

FTSY mobile app wireframes

Design explorations

Product details screen in FTSY app

It’s in the details

Our testing sessions told us to focus on features that would help shoppers make a purchase more confidently. That meant concentrating on the product pages. We redesigned the page from the ground up. We made the images larger so you could see every last detail, we showed the available colours and price more prominently, we made the product descriptions easier to find, and showed the sizing front and center.

We also changed the purchase button. Test participants described being surprised or hesitant to press the button in the original app because they were unsure of the next step. A colour and copy change removed those worries.

The good part

5 out of 5 test participants told us over and over that they just wanted to get to the good part — the shoes!

This meant redefining the structure of the app, and removing parts of the onboarding flow that caused so much confusion. We wanted people to freely browse all the unique shoes as quickly as possible so they could fall in love before they needed to scan their feet and enter any account details.

Redefining the structure of the FTSY app

The magic ingredient

FTSY’s proprietary scanning technology is the magic ingredient in the FTSY sauce. The AI-driven mobile scanner builds a 3D model by taking multiple photos of shoppers feet. Photos are turned into accurate foot models with an understanding of shape, such as arches and pronation, which impact how a foot will feel in a shoe.

While our participants loved the idea, they pointed out several areas in which the user experience could be made more intuitive.

We designed a scanning experience that is much faster and easier to use by focusing clear instructions, a better sense of progress, and a clearer UI.

FTSY mobile app foot scanning screen

“Sixzero really impressed us with their ability to empathize with the consumer and the job they are trying to accomplish, including a little entertainment and fun. They took the time to imagine what an awesome outcome looks like.”

Ryan Smith, Founder and CEO, FTSY
Ryan Smith
Founder & CEO, FTSY

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