How we designed a polished user experience for the e-learning analytics platform, Wizebank (and what we learned along the way).

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Capturing e-learning business insights in one easy to navigate space.

An analytics platform with seamless integration

When we teamed up with Wizebank, they were looking for an analytics platform that seamlessly integrates with a user’s website, payments, and email marketing, while being easy to navigate with a user friendly dashboard. The crux was that Wizebank needed to build their MVP within a short time frame of 4 weeks, which can be an issue as a typical MVP takes at least 12 weeks to build.

However, they came to us with a pretty impressive design prototype, so we decided to adjust our design process to fit with what they had already created.

The Challenge

Steering from the process can put you off course

Our assumption was that Wizebank wanted us to move forward with the prototypes that they came to us with, which is why we adjusted our process based on the original prototype. In reality, Wizebank wanted us to use our expertise to expand their vision and not just polish what they had come to us with.

When they let us know that the first design iteration we delivered was too close to their original prototype, We reintroduced our process to get us back on track. We encouraged more feedback and, from that, we were able to find a solution that both Wizebank and our team agreed on.

These are the kinds of conversations we love to have because the more direct the feedback, the better the outcome. Because of Wizebank's clear and concise input, we were able to fully understand what it was they wanted from us and steer our solution towards it rapidly.

Strong alignment builds great products

We asked Wizebank to write design principles and success statements to help us better understand what they really wanted us to build. Writing these are a key part of our onboarding so they were a great starting point when your usual process was reintroduced.

And it worked. Strong communication from both sides allowed Wizebank a deeper trust in our design process. We then expanded our initial scope, providing clarity on what to build and why. From there we were able to move from a second iteration wireframe to a near-ready UX design in just a week.

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