We're hyper-focused on user research that yields impactful results

Why? Because it's impossible to build an app people actually love to use if you never talk to them

The Yave app and sample user personas, part of Sixzero's user research process.
A picture of user testing in-progress.

We meticulously test your product with your target customer to uncover their needs, behaviours and setbacks. Then, we use those insights to improve usability and build something your users get real value from.

Our method for insightful user testing:
Efficient, effective & eye opening

An illustration showing a foundation being built.

Build out the foundations of a test

We work with you to identify what needs testing and build out the foundations of a test, including finding the right participants. Depending on the level of functionality and detail of your prototype or product, we create a true to life scenario that matches the complexity of the features you want to test.

An illustration showing a test action in-progress.

Conduct your user test

This is what we're here for. Now it's time to facilitate the test and empower participants to tell us how they really feel. Buckle up! This will be an eye-opening experience.

An illustration showing analysis of a completed test action.

Analyze and prioritize your results

Congrats! You've gained some valuable insight into how people use your product and what they need to be successful. Now it's time to take everything we've uncovered, prioritize and implement solutions, and turn your product into something people can't (and don't want to) live without.

Just how obsessed are we with user research?

So much that we wrote a book about it.

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