How to Design Apps People Actually Want to Use

A Quick-Start Guide to User Testing

Whether you’ve never done user testing before or you have but lack a repeatable process, How to Design Apps People Actually Want to Use will help you uncover valuable user insights, improve product usability and build apps your users can’t live without.

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By the end of this book, you’ll be able to…
  • Articulate the benefits of user testing to clients and key stakeholders
  • Identify functions and features that would benefit from user testing
  • Secure and schedule your ideal test participants with ease
  • Prepare all assets for user tests, including prototypes, scripts, and test outlines
  • Set up for in-person and remote user tests, including all equipment and tech
  • Facilitate valuable user tests with confidence
  • Improvise and adapt mid-test to reveal unexpected (and often high-value) discoveries
  • Analyze and prioritize your results and turn them into solutions
Deliver insight-rich user tests, every time
  • Remote-friendly hacks

    Sometimes in-person tests just aren’t possible. A few simple tweaks and reliable tools are all you need to facilitate remote-friendly user tests that deliver results.

  • Step-by-step action items

    Don’t get hung up on what to do next. This book walks you through identifying what you’ll test all the way to distilling your learnings and prioritizing solutions.

  • Approved templates

    We’ve done this enough times to know what works. Save valuable with our collection of templates, including participant outreach email, test outline, and test script.

What you'll find inside

  1. Start


    • Let's go
    • What is user testing?
    • Why should you conduct user testing
    • Who should conduct user testing
    • When should you conduct user testing
    • Is it worth the investment
    • Our five step framework
  2. Step 1

    Define what you’re testing and why

    • Decide what you are testing
    • Decide what you want to understand
    • Build out the foundations of your test
    • Action Items
  3. Step 2

    Identify and schedule your test participants

    • Determine your participant criteria
    • Find your user test participants
    • Schedule your tests
    • Action Items
  4. Step 3

    Build your user test and script

    • Make the experience as real as possible
    • Set the stage with a realistic scenario
    • Write your script
    • Don't forget the software usability scale
    • Test the test
    • Modify as you go
    • Action Items
  5. Step 4

    Conduct your user test

    • Set up your test
    • Facilitate like a pro
    • Action Items
  6. Step 5

    Analyze and prioritize your results

    • Rewatch your videos
    • Distill your learnings into solutions
    • Let the results speak for themselves
    • How to prioritize solutions
    • Celebrate and iterate
    • Action Items
  7. Step 6

    Scale up your new user testing skills

    • How to scale up user testing
    • Unmoderated user testing
    • UX surveys
    • Customer feedback software
    • The takeaways

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