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We’re hyper-focused on building digital products powered by a deep level of customer understanding. We work hand-in-hand with growth-focused product teams eager to leverage customer insight and pair it with strategic, forward-thinking, intuitive design.

an Illustration of three people placing various computer UI components onto a mobile screenan Illustration of three people placing various computer UI components onto a mobile screen

Looking to revamp your product experience? That’s what we’re here for.

Think of us as extended members of your team.

User research

User insight is at the heart of our designs (and has generated aha moments on many occasions). That’s because we obsess over your users to understand what they’re thinking (and doing). Then we use that input to guide our designs.

An illustration of a simplified human head being unlocked by a key.An illustration of a simplified human head being unlocked by a key.

Interface design

We unify your industry and customer prowess with real user insights. By combining your expertise with our product design process, we’ll build a product that is not only eye-catching but a super intuitive and unforgettable user experience.

An illustration of various computer interface components layered on top of each otherAn illustration of various computer interface components layered on top of each other

Development support

Our collaboration doesn’t end with design. We’re here to help you navigate the next stages through to completion. Rest assured we’ll still be around, working alongside your development team when your winning product ships.

Illustration of a ladder ascending into a cloud filled with codeIllustration of a ladder ascending into a cloud filled with code

Conversion Rate Optimization

Is there a certain area of your product that’s underperforming? Whether it's increased drop-off rates or incomplete forms, we’ll help optimize your existing design to maximize your product's potential, ensuring your customers are converting where you want and generating revenue at the points you expect them to.

An illustration of a magnet attracting coinsAn illustration of a magnet attracting coins

We’re a perfect match if you want to

  1. 01

    Understand your customers

    You want to tap into customers’ thoughts to build the next version of your product.

  2. 02

    Be data-driven

    Your business is expanding and your product needs data-driven optimization that helps retain users and ensures they remain engaged.

  3. 03

    Solve the right problem

    You’re experiencing issues with user adoption and retention but can't pinpoint the problem… let alone a solution.

  4. 04

    Upgrade your user experience

    You want to upgrade your user experience but you’re not sure where to start.

  5. 05

    Improve design processes

    You want to improve your design process, methods, and systems as well as level up your UX skill set.

  6. 06

    Be part of the team

    You’re looking for an agency that effortlessly embeds into your team.

Results rooted in customer understanding


SquadCast (recently acquired by Descript) elevates podcasters by capturing studio-quality audio and video remotely. We collaborated to revamp the platform.

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SquadCast in sessionSquadCast in session


How we designed the e-learning analytics platform, Wizebank (and what we learned along the way).

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Wizebank dashboardWizebank dashboard


We teamed up with Yave to co-create a thriving MVP in the midst of COVID collaboration challenges.

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Yave mobile screensYave mobile screens


Mobile shopping app improving the online shoe shopping experience.

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FTSY mobile screensFTSY mobile screens


Desktop app connecting technology buyers and vendors.

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Olive desktop dashboardOlive desktop dashboard
  • “The work that we at SquadCast have done with Sixzero has been phenomenal. The amount of user research and processes they use have always concluded with a killer final product. Quality work every time!”

    Alexander WhedbeeAlexander Whedbee

    Alexander Whedbee

    Chief Design Officer, SquadCast

  • “Sixzero really impressed us with their ability to empathize with the consumer and the job they are trying to accomplish, including a little entertainment and fun. They took the time to imagine what an awesome outcome looks like.”

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith

    Ryan Smith


  • “The quality of their work was impeccable and they were always on top of the requirements.”

    Joyce Souza headshotJoyce Souza headshot

    Joyce Souza

    COO, Kinzoo

  • "Working with Sixzero has been a game changer. Not only did they make our app look great, their obsession with getting to know and understand our customers helped us build Olive into something truly valuable.”

    Chris HeardChris Heard

    Chris Heard

    CEO, Olive App

  • “Their work was an integral part of our patent application. I highly recommend working with the Sixzero team.”

    Nicola ClaxtonNicola Claxton

    Nicola Claxton

    Co-founder & COO of Yave

Just how obsessed are we with user research?

So much that we wrote a book about it.
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Book titled "How to design apps people actually want to use"Book titled "How to design apps people actually want to use"

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