QA #7: Does my app need perfect UI design to be successful?


No, it does not. This is where UI and UX design are all too often confused.

UX design is about providing users access to something they value in a way that makes sense to them. UI on the other hand provides the visuals that enhance the value that was created through building a great user experience.

This is why UX should be your main focus when you’re building a product. A great experience will steer the core value of your product right to your users and when all else fails, it’s the value that is received that will ensure people come back for more.

Users won’t care about your pixel-perfect app if they don’t find value in its functionality. If you spend too much time trying to perfect your UI early on, you’re taking away valuable resources from creating a great UX. And that’s what makes your app truly valuable to users. The delight that a great UI is always something you can add on later

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