QA #6: Why do I look at other people's UX/UI design work and doubt myself?


I have been a professional designer for over 15 years.

Even after designing 1000s of screens, I sometimes feel like I know nothing.

I’ve worked on solutions that I had to redesign multiple times only to have them fail so badly that they needed to be taken down within days of launch.

Years ago, any sort of failure would have gutted me. Now, I see failure as a nother experience that helps broaden my insight, refine my skill, and helps me to create better designs next time.

What’s changed for me is that I no longer feel the need to approach every new project as an expert in the solution. Perfection of this craft is impossible.

It’s not our job to be the expert on every possible tool and to get it right the first time, but to be an expert in a process that allows us to uncover the information we need to design products that are properly aligned with a user’s needs.

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