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The Vanbex Group was established in 2013 and has evolved into a leading professional services firm that specializes in helping blockchain companies with marketing, application development, communications, and more. They have helped big names in crypto like Factom, Enjin, and launch and grow their projects. Visit Vanbex

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The Brief

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency websites are often hard to understand. They can be full of buzzwords and can feel like they were designed more for bots than people.

We worked with Vanbex to kill the complexity and bring a human focus to their marketing website. Potential customers needed to clearly understand what Vanbex did, how they did it, and what set them apart from every other blockchain company out there.


Our first challenge: Vanbex needed to clearly explain and showcase all the services they offered. The team found that potential customers would often say they weren’t aware of what services were available or that the services they were aware of needed to be clearer.

That meant showcasing popular services on the home page and creating a straightforward services page with more details.

Services page mockup

Build Trust

Our second challenge: Build trust. Vanbex has so much experience in the blockchain space and plenty of big names in their client list, so why not use that to build trust with new visitors and potential clients?

This translated into a success stories section that offered quotes from each company and a clients page that explained each project in more detail, including the services they used.

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Having been around since 2013 Vanbex is a more mature company than most in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space, and they wanted their website to reflect that. The design of the site needed to match their company values and look totally different from everything else while still looking futuristic and trustworthy.

We focused on a color palette that was more fintech than blockchain, lots of white, simple typography, and clean modern illustrations. The design needed to stand out, without standing in the way.

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